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Film Review | Another Jackie Chan Movie That's...........

We haven't seen Jackie for sometime in movies so when one do come up, we do hope we would watch it.  Honestly this writer does not watch his movies in the theatres as his movies suck in the line of Chinese Zodiac which was horrible.  I forgot already the storyline of the latter and for this one, it might end up the same way.

His formula is always the same, his line into comedies, he works with a sidekick or in tandem, with him providing the comedic punches some movies are blockbusters this way.  Sometimes we had enough of this shit and we do hope he makes another movie with another formula.  Actually he did with "the Foreigner" and he was fantastic in that role.

In this film - he starts off as a Hong Kong detective (isn't he always?) who lost a partner and takes care of daughter left behind.  Then comes a silly american con man who gets tied up in the story.  Simple story of how I wish they remained simple.  Making complicated storylines (which they did) simply spoiled the whole thing.

Now lets breakdown how this movie got to where I thought it went south on me. Start off with the casting of his sidekick, Johnny Knoxville.  Yes the same Johnny of the famed Jackass movie.  So we were expecting him to be a jackass in the film, yet he wasn't.  He was not funny either.  Casting is flawed all the way except for Eric Tsang whom I have followed dearly in his films.  All actors were terrible and I need to give a special mention to the Russians for their awful performance.  Jackie's acting was the same with all his films so its bearable, even with Eric Tsang's great presence, it wasn't enough to save everyone here.

Now comes the technical part of the film.  Lighting and location settings are funny, not in a good way though.  It was as if most scenes were done with CGI.  The worst scene here was when they were traversing over a cliff.  It was so poorly done I cringed when I saw it.  Another one is the scene is when they both stayed overnight at a Mongolian village.  Lighting was so off and the camera angles so not good that you think their set was located in a grassy field in a park.  Another off moment in the village was when they sang a song by Adele.  I said what?

A forgettable film.  A regrettable film.  I do hope Jackie Chan chooses his projects well.  He is already in his twilight years, he should act his age already.  I'm not expecting him to be active like his Police Story days.  Those films are etched in history as memorable movies in the like of Drunken Master and Rumble in the Bronx.

This film however will go in the forgettable annals of Chinese Zodiac, The Myth, Kung Fu Yoga, and Dragon Blade.

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