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Sports | Feeding Frenzy at the NBA Free Agency 2018

Even before the start of free agency July 1, a lot of teams and players have been busy talking and meeting, creating deals for the coming NBA season.  With this year's free agency, we thought we might round up some of the purported signed deals already and maybe some rumors to the most exciting time in NBA Season 2018-2019.

The King Lebron James
We would like to fire off this article about him as he is the most prized free agent NBA player this season.  After opting out of his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers, much has been said already about him.  Industry experts predicts he might re-sign with the Cavaliers, or join the process in Philadelphia, or join the winning legacy of the Los Angeles Lakers or heaven forbid, play with former team mate Kyrie Irving in Boston.  

What we are sure though right now is that when July 1 midnight comes around, he won't be meeting with the Cavaliers Management as he was seen arriving the day before in Van Nuys airport in Los Angeles.  Will Lebron be joing the melee in the West and leave the easy street in the East?

Houston Rockets meltdown?
The formidable team that almost defeated the 2018 NBA Champions Golden State is starting the free agency with a rocky start.  Yes they signed Chris Paul with a whopping USD160 Million 4 year contract.  He was instrumental to their best wins in the previous season that it was a no brainer for them to do so.  Although experts were wary of his age, aside from that, they believed he deserves it for his efforts.

After that high note, a low note came after it.  The Houston Rockets lost Trevor Ariza, another instrumental player, to the Phoenix Suns.  He will be going to Arizona for a one year USD15 Million contract.  Another key player, Clint Capela is on free agency this year, the Rockets will be moving heaven and earth to re-sign the big guy.  He might be offered with a contract amounting to USD100 Million for four years with the Rockets.  Let's see if takes a bite with that offer.

Another player worth mentioning is Luc Mbah A Moute, definitely the Rockets will try to re-sign him up.  Rumors are milling around that this Cameroonian Power Forward might be lured to the Golden State Warriors not to enhance the team, but to weaken the Houston squad.

OKC Rejoice, Lakers Scramble for Max Contract Players
In a party thrown by Russell Westbrook, Paul George, who in 2017 announced would be playing with the Lakers suddenly wants to re-sign with the OKC.  He was lured to a 4 year max contract amounting to USD137 Million with Player Option on the last year.  OKC fans rejoiced by his revelation, much to the dismay of Lakers, whom George, as experts mentioned, did not bother meeting with Lakers management.

So what are the Lakers' options?  They hope to meet up with Lebron James, and come up with terms with the Spurs in landing Kawhi Leonard and another meet up with De Marcus Cousins of the Pelicans.  With Leonard being the second most talked about free agent in the NBA, we would like to create a separate article on him.  He is currently on his last year with the Spurs and we wonder if he could still be traded, meaning will there be a team willing enough to accept him for a year only.

[Added July 3, 2018]  Who are now added to the Lakers line up after Lebron?  Javale McGee (Golden State), Rajon Rondo (New Orleans) USD9M 1 year, Lance Stephenson, KCP or Kentavious Caldwell-Pope USD12M 1 year.

Agreed Contracts for the next season are;

Golden State Warriors - Kevin Durant re-signs for a two year USD30.5 Million this year. with player option on year two.  He will be paid USD5 Million less, helping the Warriors with financial flexibility and making him eligible for a max contract 5 year deal worth USD221 Million in the 2019-2020 season.

[Added Note 07-03-2018] - Demarcus Cousins signs a one year USD5.3 deal with the Warriors and Javale McGee leaves GSW for a minimum one year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers. 

Dallas Mavericks - Finally the Mavs will sign up De Andre Jordan from the Los Angeles Clippers for one year USD24.1 Million.

[Added July 3, 2018] Portland Trailblazers - Seth Curry from the Dallas Mavericks signed up for 2 years in a guaranteed USD2.75 Million first year.

[Added July 3, 2018] Los Angeles Clippers - They signed Bradley to a two year USD25 Million deal today.  Another addition is Mike Scott.

New Orleans Pelicans -  De Marcus Cousins will be on free agency July 1 and rumors abound that he is being courted by the Pelicans to stay, while the Los Angeles Lakers would like to meet him.  We will update you when anything comes up on this Pelican.

[Added July 3, 2018] Julius Randle of the Los Angeles Lakers became an unrestricted free agent and was snatched up by the NOP for a 2 year USD18 Million deal.

Minnesota Timberwolves -  It seems Jimmy Butler will be inking a four year max contract for USD110 Million on July 9.  We will update you when this deal is signed and delivered.  Derrick Rose will re-sign with the wolves for one year.

Memphis Grizzlies -  former Warrior Omri Casspi will be signing up for one year with them.

Boston Celtics - Aron Baynes will re-sign for a two year deal for USD11 Million with player option on year two.  Although there are talks of giving up Gordon Hayward and Terry Rozier plus a draft pick in a bid to land Kawhi Leonard from the San Antonio Spurs.

San Antonio Spurs - Former Spur Marco Belinelli will be rejoining the team for 2018-2019.  A former 2014 champion team member of the Spurs, his skills will be a big boon to the team this year.

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