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Wellness | Feeling Good at Nailandia Rockwell Sheridan

In the area of health and wellness, nothing beats a good massage, and some beauty procedures like nail care other girly stuff.  Although this writer is a guy, we still do need some TLC from time to time and a little bit of pampering would go a long way. :)

Nailandia is located at the newest and hippest mini mall in the are of Greenfield District, the Rockwell Sheridan.  They can reached on the second floor of the building turning right after using the escalator.

Going in, uniformed staff will greet and attend to you right away.  They will ask for what service they can do you for and the friendly manager or supervisor will lead you to your area.

For our visit, we tried the foot spa and the facial services. For the foot spa, I was lead to one of the chairs then waited for my therapist.  She came with a bowl of water and asked me to take off my shoes and socks.  Then she asked me to hike up my pants up to my knees.  She said that my calf and shin will be included in this service.  

While my feet was dipped in water, we waited for my feet to be softened.  Only then she started my foot spa.  She worked magic on my feet that it was relaxing.  She also used a tool to minimize my calloused skin.  I was embarassed as this was my first foot spa thus the skin under my feet was so thick that the dead skin that fell off was quite a lot.  I joke one can grow potatoes with them.

My shin and calf was next and was brushed with some exfoliation agent that took care of the dead cells there.  All the while the agent sets, Wilma, my therapist massaged them.  It was a nice feeling.  Never knew how good it was until now, my first time.

Towelling off to finish, I was then guided to one of the rooms at the back of the salon for my facials.  My face was massaged, masked and facialled.  Wilma was very knowledgeable (I guess - I'm not an expert on this) of the procedure that I was battling sleep that was creeping in.  I was supposed to relax yet I need to be awake to be able to write something about this experience.  I tell you this part was so relaxing I would love to do this again, but that time will be the occasion that I would NOT be writing about it and focus more on RELAXATION.

Overall, the experience, albeit my first for the foot spa, it was a relaxing one.  I wish I could go back there and do it all over again plus their massage.

If you have kids with you, fret not parent, you can bring them here as they have a playplace for your them.  A Nintendo DS is also made available for them to occupy their time while they wait for you to finish your relaxation and service.

Aside from what we did, Nailandia is offering also manicure, pedicure and other vanity stuff that you should visit or inquire about them via facebook at