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Film Review | Mission: Impossible Fallout (Part Two) Great Set Up

As we liked the movie inspite of what we mentioned in our previous article, check it out here - Part One.

That being said, what will make me watch the future MI films;

1)  Return of Solomon Lane - What again? yes, he will be back for sure.  The last scene had him taken back to MI6.  His fate unknown in future sequels of Mission Impossible makes it possible his return.  Great way to put on ice a great character only to be thawed in the future.

2)  What did Ilsa Faust whisper to Julia?  When two women in your life do this, one will be intrigued when they do so in your presence.  I am no Ethan Hunt so I would not know.  Since Ethan Hunt is a lip reader and he didn't mention a thing about it in Fallout, then most likely we shall see or hear about it in future films.

3)  Patrick, Julia's husband in the film, has those bad boy looks.  Patrick was introduced near the end of the film.  He may have lots of smiles but he casts a dark shadow on screen that made me wonder, is he an apostle of Solomon Lane?  August Walker (who fell into the cliff) said earlier that he had Julia taken cared of, was he referring to Patrick?  There is not much back story on this that warrants a part in future films.

4)  How will the love story between Ethan and Ilsa start?  There were a number of unspoken moments between the two and it was Luther (Ving Rhames) who provided the bond between the two women.  It was during the time of him disarming the nuclear weapon with Julia that he mentioned that Ethan had two women in his life.  Julia is we know the first, who was the second one?  For sure he referred to Ilsa Faust. The love story if ever it does blossom will fog the issue of Ethan Hunt being our great super spy.

5)  White Widow will surely be back for more bad stuff.  It was clearly seen in the film that she was smitten with Ethan Hunt and in some point in the film I surmised that he let Ethan off the hook even when her brother warned her about Ethan.  Love truly blinds a person even when the whole world is against you.  Will she provide a love triangle in future films?  Her flirtations with Ethan in Fallout is a sure watch in future MI films.  Her enamored interest with Ethan is almost similar with that of Max in the first MI movie. Max for your information is the mother of White Widow.  Mother same like daughter perhaps?

6)  Alan Hunley was killed prematurely and I don't know why.  He played the role brilliantly and I felt that he could have provided us with more MIF leadership that Ethan Hunt needs.  His death should have made meaning to the story but simply he died and that's that.  Did they feel that Angela Bassett's character of Erica Sloan was much better?  Do they feel that women should be given more emphasis in movies?  We noticed this trend for sometime now (Marvel now pushing for Captain Marvel and a Black Widow movie - Star Wars with Rey as a Jedi) and I won't be surprised if they followed suit.  Another thing to watch is how Erica Sloan will fare after Alan Hunley.

With these to be considered, we laud the film Fallout for tying up loose ends, creating new characters, setting up future conundrums for future kaching kaching movies.

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