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Dining | A Local Traditional Delicacy Shines in Modern Times

When one smells these rice cakes (bibingka) in the malls, one will remember the Misa de Gallo (Rooster's Masses) nearing christmas time.  Now that its September, the festive season has already begun.  What great way to properly start it is by partaking some rice cakes where else in a mall?  Find a Kiosk of Bibingkinitan and you'll be humming Jose Mari Chan tunes.

Tip:  To find them fast, ask the concierge or seek help of the mall guards upon entering.  

Serving size.  Unlike the ones you buy in front of the church, their rice cakes are smaller.  This is maybe their take in making these goodies more convenient to serve and eat.  You may want to buy two pieces for a hearty appetite of a person like this writer.

Service wise?  Although its a kiosk, with one or two staffs manning the fort, service was fast.  The rice cakes were already pre-cooked and stays in the oven so when you order, except when there is a queue, your order will be served right away, piping hot.

Price wise?  The rice cakes start at Php25 each and with no extra charges, you can have them put margarine and sugar on top.  We always buy the original and get two boxes at one time (We are 6 adults in the family currently).  They do have other options like the overload (with salted eggs Php33), Bisaymada (rice cake ensaymada style Php35) and the CheeseMax (lots of cheese - Php35).

Ambience wise,  for our visit in Festival Mall, they are only offering kiosk style of a store.  If you are lucky enough, the store offers a dining area to add more to your dining experience.  You can have these hot rice cakes with their flavorful coffee right away.  You should try this when available.

In finality, rice cakes are a local traditional delicacy during Christmas time, but thanks to Bibingkinitan, we don't have to wait for the season.  We can have them all year round.  This is one of the goodies that truly shines in modern times.