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Dining | Tudings Pork Chop at Their Best

Laguna has been a bed of pork chops to date and we have reviewed one before this.  For this article we are featuring Tuding's in Pacita Subdivision, a well known area in San Pedro City, Laguna.

Tuding's we found out is a long standing brand in restaurants in Laguna and Pork Chops is their specialty.  We now visited this and tried their hospitality.

Ambiance wise, the store boasts of a large dining area.  An airy theme, although along the busiest avenue in Pacita, the motor vehicles combustion rarely can be felt.  Everything is self service, so don't expect waiters or servers to attend to you.

Service wise, just simply go up the counter and order.  Pay it up front as well.  If you need softdrinks to go along with your order, just tell the cashier and take some from the fridge on the side.

Menu wise, they only carry a few dishes.  Softdrinks we find only mountain dew on my visit, no pepsi or other options.  Even with a few that they offer, I was told by my friend who's in the area, they are filled with people during dinner time.

Since they are known for their pork chops, that's what we ordered.  We visited around 3pm so there was not much diners then.  Immediately my order was attended to by their kitchen.  They called my number maybe 5-10 minutes.  Got my order from the counter and proceeded back to my table.

Serving wise, the pork chop slice was sadly small.  I wasn't that displeased with it, as their competitors offers the same size.  I wasn't expecting otherwise so I contained my frustration.  Rice was fortunately fried rice (not steamed rice) which went well with their pork chop.  Egg on top was sufficient in size.

Now taste wise, as like their competitors, it was salty.  I think pork chops are made to be salty which is how they are famous for.  The marinade have hints of soy sauce and calamansi which I like.  I was happy with how it tasted so I knew right then and there, why this is a famous brand in Laguna.

For the price, if I remember correctly, it costed Php69 or Php79.  That's without softdrinks yet so your bill will increase with the mountain dew.  How does the price affect the whole dining experience?  If you want a meal that will be a temporary fix to a hungry stomach, then trying out Tuding's is a great suggestion.  Fills you just right, tastes great, don't expect much on the pork chop size, then everything is just fine.  You will surely have a great time here with friends.  I went here alone yet I didn't feel lonely.

The taste of their pork chop helps me remember the time my mom cooked for me.  This was how she prepares this meal for me.  Home cooking at their best.