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Dining | How to Create A New Love For Lechon at House of Lechon

Who doesn't love lechon?  I can't hide the fact that this writer and the rest of the crew love lechon.  So it was no wonder that our Cebu hosts treated us to a lunch with lechon at the House of Lechon located adjacent the Summit Galleria Cebu Hotel.

There are two kinds of lechon, one tagalog and one visayan.  I grew up in the latter so I am so biased with the lechon from Cebu.  The tagalog lechon has less fillings inside so you need lechon sauce to go with their dish.  But for the visayan one, its heavily laden with herbs that once cooked, you can eat it right away sans the sauce.

For our culinary trip today, we were treated to a new type of Visayan lechon, the spicy lechon.  I don't know how to describe the taste, but imagine the yumminess of the ordinary lechon, then make it a bit spicy.  The flavors already bursting in my mouth then you receive a punch in the tongue when the chili hits you.  Wow.  That was a great lechon I just had.

Being gracious hosts, they also offered the normal flavoured lechon.  As this place offers Carcar lechon, theirs is superb as per my experience.  Carcar is their lechon capital I believe for Visayan lechon.  I can't have enough of both lechon on our table.

As side dishes, we were treated also to baked scallops, sinigang sa miso, grilled tuna belly and some calamares.  All of which gave the word delight a new meaning in terms of lunch.

Dessert followed suit and their main draw are the mangoes, which we slurped and gulped as need be.  Cebu mangoes are considered to be world famous so imagine me smiling from ear to ear while you are reading this.

As they say, good things never last and we had to end our sumptuous lunch as we were full already.  Time for us to rest and get prepared for our event in the evening.

We would like to thank our sponsors for this lunch, Bigseed and to our gracious host and coordinator, Mr. Ryan Calle.

For more about House of Lechon, visit their facebook page here.