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Dining in Bangkok | Food Plus: A Cold Treat on a Hot Day

When we visited Bangkok last month, we were blessed with good weather.  Unlike when we left Manila, which was in drizzles, Bangkok was good to us.

Sun shone on us in Thailand and during our mid afternoon stroll, during our breaks in our coverage of the Miss Universe pageant, we were a bit hot.  We saw this alleyway turned food park and at its mouth was this fruit juice stand.  Like some stores in Bangkok, it didn't carry english language signs.  We had to rely on the pictures and some pointing action to have our order processed.

With minimal english conversation, gladly they can understand us.  We pointed to the picture of a mango, then made a sign with our finger for "one", order was received.  What we thought was for THB20, turned out it was for THB40. The price was lost in translation hahahahaha.

Anyway, we later found out that the cheaper one was for a smaller sized cup.

Our THB40 cup was much bigger and much juicier as later we found out.   The shake was prepared fast, took only 4-5 minutes and this sweet Thai lady gave me my cup.  I immediately and hungrily made my first slurp.  BRAIN FREEZE!!!!!

I was like a kid all over again.  I was happy with my mango shake.  Glad to have stopped over and ordered one.  While slurping away, I was in constant view of the people passing by.  It was so different from Manila.  Although we looked similar with them, the way they interacted was very different.  They respected each other and they were courteous. Best of all, they use trash bins!!!!!

Streets were clean I noticed.  Even if I was seated in the food park, I noticed there were not much trash around.  I wish the same for good old Manila. 

Going back to this great shake I got, I really took time sipping it.  Not gulping this great shake, spending some quality time with the streets of Bangkok.