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Dining In Roxas City | Harry's Seafood Palutuan

We arrived early dinnertime in Roxas City and we immediately checked in our bags at our hotel when we got a message that we were invited to a feast along Baybay beach.  It was my second time in the City so I knew where it was, however, we were invited to a new restaurant so I had no idea of how to get there.

No problem, Roxas has a lot of tricycles that roam around the city.  Although Baybay is a bit far from the town proper, it might cost a bit to go there.  (Normal fare is Php20 per person but since it was evening, drivers will take advantage of tourists.  If they do charge you more, just make sure that your trip is special - meaning they won't pick up other passengers along the way.)

After taking a tricycle, off we went to Harry's Seafood Palutuan.  It took 10 minutes to get there and immediately we were greet by their guard.  Escorted going in, we were greeted with a smile by one of the servers. Nice welcome there.

Upon knowing who we were, we were guided to our table.  There were other people there as well.  We found out later that they were visitors as well from Manila, and that we were grouped for a nice dinner by our hosts.

Our food was already pre-ordered and it arrived a few minutes after we were seated.  Two platters came bearing a number of seafood, meat and fruits.  Two pots of soup also came with the platters much to the delight to our new found friends.

This guy was the only one left.

Roxas City is known as the seafood capital of the Philippines  so we expected the seafood served was the freshest and tastiest that they could offer.  True to their title, the seafood was delightful.  Shrimps were tasty, the Bangus was sweet,  and the oysters were fresh.  Other dishes were likewise typical of the region, like the pork barbeque was sweet yet tangy, and they served local fruits like mangoes.  Two other dishes which were familiar to us tourist were in the platter as well, like the noodles and fried chicken.

The platter had a local touch, complete with banana leaves, making our dinner as something special, a meal for special guests like us.  Made us truly special.

Another thing that made our dinner special was the air that blows through the restaurant.  We were at the beachfront so we had a gentle breeze all throughout our lovely meal.  

There were a lot of diners during our visit and it was no problem for the restaurant.  They had a huge dining area with ample staff manning the fort.  This isn't a surprise for me, since I liked the food they served us, that people will surely flock to this place.

As a footnote - the servers are always smiling and are very efficient with what they do.  orders come fast and piping hot when it arrives to your table so eating here is a great experience.

To go to their place, simply take a tricycle or if you have a car with you, they can be easily found in waze or google maps as well.  For more inquiries about their sumptuous food, you may also visit them at their Facebook presence here -

We were tired from the travel but our spirits perked up when the food was served.