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Dining | A budget Japanese? Yoshinoya Glorietta

We love eating Japanese and we don't get to eat it everyday as its not budget friendly most of the time.  This time however we tried another restaurant that promises we can eat Japanese more often than usual.

We have eaten in Yoshinoya before and it has been a while since we did.  With lots of Japanese restaurants in the Metro, it will take some time if you eat in each one every time.  And today is one of those days.  It was time again to eat here and check if their quality if very much the same as we had before.

For this visit, we took the Bento route and got the pork and the chicken ones.  Costing Php189 each without drinks (mind you).  A bento affords you an appetizer (macaroni salad), a viand (pork and chicken in our case) and dessert (a chocolate cake of sorts).

After paying, you will still have to wait for a while for our order to be served.  It was early dinner during our visit so not much customers were on hand.  It roughly took ten (10) minutes for our food to be on our table. 

Serving wise, our pork tonkatsu and chicken karaage was small if you ask us.  Good thing there were appetizers and dessert to keep it company or else I would be sad.  To make up for the small portion, our rice serving was larger than what we get from competitor fast food chains and with black sesame seeds (to make it japanesey?).  The bento serving wise can fill in your hunger but will leave you wanting for more of that pork or chicken.  I am not a salad or chocolate person, so you know why I wrote it like this.

Taste wise, the pork and the chicken were the usual.  Nothing of it screams we are different from the others, we are much better in taste.  My pork tonkatsu was dry and the flavors came from its breading I surmised.  The chicken was simply fried, nothing special.  It's not bad though, it was just right I guess, but the dryness of the pork could not escape my memory.

Price wise, Php189 is just right considering that I got an appetizer and dessert.  If you love macaroni salad and chocolate, then its for you.  I like the basics, I get my fair amount of rice, with a huge viand for this price, I am expecting it would be valued the same as the competing fast food chains' two piece chicken meals (and they have drinks included already for Php189).