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Travel | 2Go Travelling Back to Manila

Going to Boracay isn't that expensive anymore, after trying out 2Go going here, going back is as cheap as going in.  Not only can we espouse its affordability, we can also say something about its convenience.

When we went to Kalibo to experience the Ati-atihan, we didn't come in with a fixed schedule.  Our itinerary had us hopping all about the place without following a time table.  So in essence, we didn't book a return ticket just yet with 2Go.  Luckily in Caticlan on our way back, there was a 2Go office.  We saw their office while we were going Boracay and I thought of dropping by to buy our ticket, if we do decide already to go back to Manila.

As luck would have it, we still couldn't decide and we did not have time to passby their Caticlan office.  Good thing they have a very efficient online booking system.  As they have lots of ships going around, one must get acquainted with their menu system.  

After finding the right ship, the right schedule, fill in your names, pay and voila, ticket is booked.  A total of 5 minutes we were done with ticketing.  What is cumbersome for now is that the passenger must print the sent ticket.  I am up with paperless transactions but somehow their check in system isn't ready just yet for this.  For now bear with their requirement.  I had to find a print shop to accommodate this, a little bit of extra effort for a quick booking system is all available for now.  I do hope they find a way to do away with paper in the near future.

Unlike going in, going back to Manila (or Batangas in our case), we had to take a morning departure.  We had to bear with waking up early, queue in the two counter terminal, and cramped with other passengers in the small Caticlan terminal.  The terminal going to Boracay is very much convenient and cozy compared to the one going to different ports.  One must be patient here as this terminal isn't as huge as the one in Batangas.  Funny thing is, the terminal fee here is much more expensive.  Weird, smaller terminal and hotter.  Simply Amazing.

Boarding from here isn't as fuzzy as in Batangas but passengers somehow are unruly of sorts.   They didn't follow much of the rules and they run up to the boat as if beds aren't assigned.  Like passengers going in airplanes, they want to be the first in.  As beds are assigned, you will find yours easy, if you follow directions.

Unike in the overnight schedule, the morning trip offers an additional meal.  There are two meals in this trip, compared to one on the night schedule.  Food is different between the two meals and as before, you can opt to upgrade your meal for a few pesos.  Not that the included meals are not enough, they are fine actually, just upgrade if you want a different meal from their usual menu.

Aside from the meals, we noticed that travelling during the day offers us a better view of the sea.  We docked midway somewhere in Mindoro and we were able to catch the vehicles coming in and out of the RORO galley of the ship.  It was quite a spectacle really, how drivers weave their cars and trucks on the boat's gangplanks.  And let us not discount the pleasure of catching flying fishes and a bit of dolphins swimming along.  That alone is makes the trip a good one indeed.