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Dining | Henlin Lunch for Php105

What's lunch for Php105 inside a mall?  Henlin offers this for the hungry budget person.

Its their Sweet and Sour Pork toppings.  It comes with 4 or 5 pieces of crunchy fried pork with slices of green bell peppers, carrots and that sweet and sour sauce.

Service wise, their kitchen is a bit small so when you come here with lots of diners, your order will come a little bit more than your usual waiting time.  Can't blame them though, limited kitchen, lots of orders.  The waiting is a bit worth it as the dish is surprisingly divine.

Taste wise, I never expected it to be nice.  Usual budget meals do not taste good, but just enough for you to get full.  This one begs to differ.  The sauce was tasty, the vegetables crunchy.  The pork was also crunchy which we liked so much.  Didn't have much fat in them to make them greasy, with enough meat in them to say that you got a great deal with their offering.

Serving wise, the cup of rice was your not usual topping meal.  In others fastfood joints, when you say meal toppings, they mean it with their rice serving.  Usually its all rice and not much meat dish.  For Henlin, they just gave us a cup of rice.  Their rice is not just the steamed one so you get a great deal with a cup of fried rice.  The 4-5 pieces of meat is just equal to the rice so I didn't feel wanting on either the meat nor rice.  Just right.

Price wise?  Php105 is a great price for the meal serving they offer.  I can't complain.  Although other fastfood can offer less than Php90 per meal, I can still splurge that Php15 more to have a nice meal.