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Dining | Jar;d In Salad House in Congressional Avenue

We are not on diet, we are not on low carb, we love eating all the food served on our table.  This doesn't mean we won't eat salads.  If you were served a salad bowl like this, I don't think you would decline either.

We went to this newly established salad place called Jar'd In Salad along Congressional Avenue, Quezon City.  To add more to this healthy mindset, we literally biked to this place.  Why not make it a complete package?

After cycling for two hours, we arrived to this place.  The owner invited us to have lunch here and true enough, one bowl was waiting for me when I arrived.  They called in Cowboy Caesar's Salad (I forgot the name but I can only remember the word cowboy and caesars) and I had a large bowl of it.  

It had the usual leafy greens and croutons and meat.  We need meat for protein, good for biking, good for repairing and enhancing muscles from my activity.  Im just making excuses obviously but I like them idea of putting in meats here, a lot of meats.  In my bowl I had a good serving of  boiled eggs, chicken and bacon bits in them.  Giving those sinly great flavours to the taste of veggies.

To compensate for the meat guilt, I had the corn bits and cherry tomatoes with my leafy greens.  So I was absolve from my guilt so I was able to chomp this bowl down with ease.  

Of course having a healthy meal, one must have a healthy drink.  I watered down my lunch with this carrot and cucumber drink, albeit organic and freshly cold pressed.  A not so sweet drink that hit the spot for me.  I need to recharge my body for the bike going home.

Serving size for my salad was huge for the Php220 price tag and the drink was in a tall container as well.  So I had a filling lunch one could say.

Now if you are in the go like most working people, you can have this for to go.  They can neatly arrange this salad in a jar, thus their name Jar;d In Salad.  The manner which they package the ingredients are like art.  Color combination along with texttures and form truly stands out from the see through jars they have as packaging as shown herein.  You can order it as a take out or simply call them up for deliveries.  They are currently talking with online ordering apps so anytime soon, you will find them there.

Clean, plastic see through jars are not one time use.  You can re use these containers in the home for left over food or for your next take aways.  Currently they have a plan how to re-use or re-purpose their plastic packaging, and they are accepting other suggestions to address this.  Email us at with the subject - helping the environment.  We will relay these to the owners ASAP.

For inquiries or orders, you may find them in Facebook at