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About Town | A meaningful banking with METROBANK

The Filipinos are considered resourceful individuals for their needs and they want to put their hard earned money to a trusted bank. The Metropolitan Bank &Trust CO. (Metrobank) one of the top 5 best banks in the Philippines and the strongest bank holder. Being the top of their league they had recently launched its Meaningful Banking campaign with an aim to elevate its promise of "You're in Good Hands" at the Grand Hyatt Manila.

In the early years of Metrobank, it's reason for being has always been to serve customers extraordinary well by helping them spot opportunities and working together to realize their dreams --- whether to scale up their business or achieve their goals where ever they are in life.

"In this day and age, we see a lot of developments as our customers continue to evolve. Thus to keep our promise of keeping them in good hands, the bank must evolve as well," says Metrobank President Fabian S. Dee. "Today, we announce the start of the next stage of Metrobank's transformation journey as we aim to deliver Meaningful Banking for our customers at the heart of everything we do--to liste and understand them as we strive to move, change, and grow together."

As it begins a new journey to Meaningful Banking, it introduces a new communication campaign featuring its new Metrobank signature frame that serves as visual focal point highlighting its customers' meaningful stories. In the near future, Metrobank aims to provide new and more relevant products and services that help fulfill customers' purpose and dreams.

From driving financial literacy to honoring outstanding Filipinos, to helping the communities it serves; the bank is also committed to supporting meaningful initiatives which can contribute to nation-building. It goes beyond building just a business and aims to make a real difference in Filipinos' lives -- redefining banking that is made truly meaningul.

"Meaningful Banking is Metrobank's north star as we start on a transformation journey," says Metrobank Chief Marketing Officer Digs Dimagiba. "Even if we are not yet able to serve them perfectly now, we commit to continously improving so that we can deliver Meaningful Banking every step of the way, for the customers of today and tomorrow.

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