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Dining in San Pedro | House of Helen Revisited

It's my son's birthday and we at home just make a simple lavish dinner for every occasion such as this.  For everyone tasked to make one would know that preparation is not easy.  You got to make plans for which dishes to create then one will make time to buy the ingredients.  Then the cutting, the actual cooking and the heat.  Well, you get the drift.

Good thing there are now restaurants offering great take outs to help us in these kinds of situation.  And of these is the House of Helen in San Pedro, Laguna.

Tucked in the highlands going to Muntinlupa and Cavite, you might passby them with nary of a thought that you might one day eat here.  For this writer, we found them already before while riding the bicycle on a regular practice run. We had a good meal here so its no wonder that I ordered for my son's birthday.

We ordered the Pancit Bihon, Crispy Pata and the Bulalo.  I was on a practice ride again and I ordered these on my first pass.  I knew it will take some time to prepare so I had them ordered early on.  I continued my ride to Evia Lifestyle Mall in Daang Hari, then thirty minutes thereafter all orders were packed and ready for pick up.

Serving wise, each dish is good for 3-5 pax, except for the Pancit Bihon which the bilao I got can feed more than 5 for sure.  For a family of six, this meal just perfect for us to celebrate my child's birthday.  All we did was transfer the Bulalo in a pot and reheated come dinner time.  The Pansit Bihon was still warm when we unwrapped it and the Crispy Pata was surprisingly still crispy after 3 hours of ordering.

Taste wise, all dishes were not your usual home cooking although they try to be.  I can say they tasted great as I am not a good cook, so my home cooking is something to be desired.  My kids heaved a sigh of relief knowing I did not cook this time around.  The Bulalo was fall of the bone yummy and the Crispy Pata was well, crispy on the outside yet juicy and tasty in the inside.  The Bihon has a good number of vegetables and ingredients in them to make it wonderfully flavorful.

Price wise?  Well, it only costed my under Php1,300 to create this wonderful feast for my kid's birthday.  Its just affordable if you ask me to have 3 kinds of dishes that's capable of feeding a party of 6 voracious eaters including this writer.  We didn't even finished the whole thing one sitting and we still had some few leftovers reaching breakfast.

In the end, the joys of take outs far outweigh the hassles of preparations for these kinds of occasions.  Thank God for the take aways and they gave us less time in preparations and giving us more time create moments with our love one.  Thanks House of Helen for the sumptuous dishes they offered to us in celebration of my son's birthday.  Thank you so much.

For more information about them, visit their facebook page here and check out their 2 other branches in Cavite.  One of which can easily be found in RFC Mall in Molino Cavite.