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Dining | Emcel Food House

While I was cruising in Pacita Complex, I happened to pass by this restaurant on my way to Southwoods.  Its a big carinderia if you may call it and I saw there were a lot of choices herein.  This was my main reason in dining here.

Food choices were a plenty here from vegetables to pork, beef and chicken.  What boggles me though was that it was already past lunch time yet, there were a lot of food left.  Usually I would be okay with scraps since most of the diners had taken their lunch already.  

My question was answered when I ordered Adobo or pork stew.  I realized then the pork was chewy like gum.  It wasn't tender as it should be.  It must have been from a part of a pig not suitable for pork stew.  Glad that I requested for more potatoes which were super soft, too soft that's over cooked.

Serving wise, I had only two medium sized pieces and 2 potatoes.  Bummer if you ask me.  Maybe small serving size means cheaper price I hope, we will get back to that later.

Taste wise, my adobo was on the salty side which was just right.  Since this dish has soy sauce as one of its main ingredients.  I was looking for the other ingredient, vinegar to complement the saltiness which I never did find in my food.  Maybe it should be sweet, maybe its a visayan variety of adobo where sugar is also added to the mix.  I found it not sweet either.  All that's left was just saltiness.  Chewy pork + saltiness = so so food.  

With the small serving, plus the not so great food, I was hoping it would equate with a low price on my late lunch.  To my surprise, it was expensive.  I paid for Php76 for this meal.  The adobo plus rice was Php76.  What?  small serving plus average sized rice, I was expecting it to be in the Php50 plus range.  Compared to other restaurants in this level, I would be having a soda to go along with this meal.  I think I paid for their "free soup" maybe.

Will I come back here?  Most likely I won't anymore.  There's a 7-11 just a few walk from here, I suggest get your meal there.