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About Town | BPI celebrates 169th anniversary with purposeful banking

The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) is celebrating its 169th anniversary by revitalizing its commitment to be a lifeline for Filipinos and continuing to help build a better Philippines with purposeful phygital (physical and digital) banking.

BPI President and CEO Cezar P. Consing, who delivered his anniversary message online, highlighted the Bank’s steadfast mission to provide financial services to Filipinos amid the challenges and confusion brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Consing emphasized how the limitations, imposed by the lockdown, have demonstrated the strength of BPI’s digital platform.

“The combination of our branches, bravely manned, and our digital channels have allowed millions of Filipinos and thousands of businesses to conduct essential banking transactions throughout this challenging period,” he said.

To kick off the Bank’s month-long celebration, Rev. Fr. Angelo Paolo Asprer of Society of St. Paul (SSP), led the virtual anniversary Mass, which was broadcast through BPI’s internal social media channel.

“Our 169-year history has seen us make a real, positive difference in difficult times. We are seen as leading in the market not because we’re bigger, but because we are professional, inclusive and forward looking, and have a brand that defines trust, stability and nation-building,” he said.

BPI, through its social development arm, BPI Foundation, is also set to launch its food security fundraising campaign titled “Pagsibol,” in collaboration with the World Wide Fund for Nature Philippines (WWF-Philippines). The project aims to build sustainable food sheds – or climate-resilient food production facilities – to address food security and help hundreds of families all over the country to adapt and build their resilience in the new normal.

Other activities are lined up for BPI’s anniversary celebration this August. One of these is the “#PhygitallyYours” campaign, a weekly digital community service, to encourage employees to share social media posts about helpful and informative topics.

BPI has prepared other initiatives as well such as the “#ECONversationSeries,” a series of webinars focused on purposeful phygital banking, and “Dream Bayan Podcast”, a podcast that seeks to uplift the spirits of Filipinos as they face challenges and hardships brought by the pandemic.