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Technology | The future of learning - PCI's Augmented Reality

PCI’s worksheets use augmented reality, one of the company’s ingenious education solutions to the young digital natives’ fast-paced, interdimensional and interconnected world.

PCI Innovations Tech Center, Inc., a start-up education technology (EdTech) company, aims to bridge education gaps in the country through systematic and sustainable learning solutions, addressing the need for affordable and appropriate materials and methods for Filipino learners.

At present, PCI offers Augmented Reality worksheets for Grades 1-3 and 7-8. These interactive and user-friendly learning materials are based on the Department of Education's Most Essential Learning Competencies (MELCs). Augmented Reality uses digital technology to generate three-dimensional images and audio recordings with just one tap for students to fully immerse in learning. PCI sees the need to provide content that is relevant and suited to Filipino students as most worksheets available in the local market are imports and reprints of foreign-based companies that primarily cater Western learners.

Also, PCI’s competitive e-learning team promises quality content without the compromise of reinforcing biases in religion, gender, beliefs and traditions. Through these, parents and guardians can rest assured that their kids are using study materials that are responsive to their learning needs and to their holistic development as young members of society.

PCI also ensures that their products encourage independence for young learners. Through their easy to use worksheets, students with different learning styles can enjoy learning at their own pace. Furthermore, augmented reality worksheets maximize the potential of digital visual aids, allowing these digital natives to easily grasp concepts in Science, English and Mathematics that may be abstract and difficult to comprehend.

From a range of products for primary to tertiary students, as well as learning management systems and virtual reality platforms for schools, businesses and corporations, PCI envisions to be at the forefront of utilizing digital technology to ensure access to globally competent education for Filipinos.

PCI believes that learning should never be boring. More importantly, learning should be competitive yet accessible, innovative, yet simple and easy.