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Money Matters | RampXCoinSwap: A partnership that will define the DEX ecosystem

CoinSwap Space: One of the leaders when it comes to decentralized exchanges and finance has recently announced its partnership with Ramp (

Who is Ramp

Ramp is a project that aims to build a decentralized, robust infrastructure to make crypto apps powerful and delightful. Their overall technology can unlock a future where everyone can exchange value as easily and as efficiently as using the Internet. 

They also strive to make buying cryptocurrency to a certain platform using fiat currency a reality for everyone, not just a handful of crypto-natives.

And thru this, CoinSwap Space becomes a leader and ahead of its time when it comes to the decentralized finance and exchange arena. 

Having the ability to buy Cryptocurrencies using fiat currency on the CSS Platform allows them to buy back & burn tokens, slows down inflation rates, or reduces the total circulating supply of coins. (Note: There is a 1% fee on top of the other fees, which will be used for burning.)

What are the highlights? 

1) Short KYC 

2) Crypto purchase to Non-Custodial wallet 

3) Higher purchase value lower the FEE 

4) 1% fee used for buyback and burn CSS

Availability: Ramp's now available in over 170 countries and territories, which includes EU ✓, US ✓, Australia ✓, Canada ✓, Russia, India (some disruptions) ✓, + Latin America.

Payment Options: Credit Cards/Debit Cards, Sepa, Sepa instant, Apple Pay, Open-banking, Google Pay (soon), Samsung Pay (soon). Ramp fees: The market is the lowest - only 2.9% for card transactions! - are fully transparent - their fee, their partner’s fee, and network fees are visible to buyers, - incentivize bigger purchases - fees fall above 2.5k EUR, - are fair - they charge less for slower payment methods and more for the instant ones, - have no slippage - we try to keep the rates as close to mid-market rate as possible. 

Fees structure: Manual transfer transactions 0.99% per transactions up to 2500 EUR 0.49% per transactions greater than 2500 EUR (0.99% on 2500 EUR, then 0.49% on additional amount) Easy transfer transactions 1.99% per transactions up to 2500 EUR 1.49% for transactions greater than 2500 EUR (1.99% on 2500 EUR, then 1.49% on additional amount) Credit and debit card transactions 2.9% The minimum fee per transaction is 2.49 EUR. 

KYC verification and limits: The most up-to-date source for their KYC limits can be found on their website. According to Ramp, it is perfect to give you an idea, but note that it's not written in stone. It can change in an instant if they notice a large number of fraudulent transactions that fall just under their current limits. 

Binance Smart Chain native connection: Integrating Ramp will allow the users to directly buy BNB on BSC, saving users the necessity of going through the bridging process. It will critically improve long-term business model sustainability and user buying experience (more assets on request).

So, if you are looking for a reliable DEX project that is safe and reliable, You cannot go wrong with CoinSwap Space! Start your investing journey with them today!