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Dreamseekers Dream : RLC Residences unwraps Filipinos' ideal home

Home plays a major role in various stages of our lives, and for multiple reasons. More than just a place to stay, our home is where we live our best life and celebrate multiple milestones in life.

With all the different stories of various home seekers, RLC Residences finds itself inspired to share how they shaped the brand’s purpose as seen on their offerings and operations. Hence, the premiere of its Brand Story that was launched during Heart Evangelista’s partnership renewal with the brand.

“Over the years, we at RLC Residences strive to bring to life homes that are attuned to the needs of our clients. And more than that, we wanted to help them create a delightful experience through living spaces based on their needs. This way, they can achieve the life that they envision for themselves and their families,” says Karen Cesario, Marketing Head and Chief Integration Officer.

Raising the Game in Life
The Brand Story featured the stories of residents of RLC Residences. One of the stories highlighted how a father’s daughter inspired him to raise his game as a parent so he can provide the best life for her. This is shortly followed by how RLC Residences, led by its mother company President and CEO Frederick Go, raises its game by developing projects that are aligned with the dreams of home seekers.

“In designing our projects, we try to put our clients’ needs at the center. We understand how homes play a huge role for families to build and create good memories together. So we will continue to listen to them and incorporate what we learn as we continue to build beautiful and well-designed homes that they can proudly call theirs,” shares Cesario.

The same story is echoed by Ismael Family, one of the RLC Residences homeowners,“We wanted to provide a secure home for our family. What we like most about The Magnolia Residences is its convenience. It's strategically located. It's beside the mall and there are so many activities that you can do especially when you have a baby.”

Living The Best Life
Investing our hard-earned money requires one major decision to make – especially if this is your first time doing it. The second story highlighted a buyer’s home journey– from researching about the right home investment, meeting up with a Property Specialist to explore options, to choosing the the right place to call their own. This is followed by how RLC Residences ensures that its developments are smart and ready for the future through digital innovations and other relevant home upgrades.

“Because building homes took time, we need to ensure that these spaces are relevant now and ready for the future of our homeowners. Especially during the height of the pandemic, we learned that having a dedicated space for work and features that enhance safety and security are important for our clients so they can continue to live their best life. That’s why we incorporate these inside our condos that add value to their investment, such as Smart Home features, digital services such as myRLC, and even work-from-home provisions inside every unit,” mentioned Cesario.

For a millennial homebuyer like Michelle, having a space where she can be smart and productive is what made her decide to invest in one of the developer’s properties. She said, “At RLC Residences, there are many services. [After getting to know the developments], I realized that this is what I can call my home.”

Deep and Meaningful Connections
Considered modern-day heroes, Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) sacrifice a lot working abroad. As the majority of them dream of giving a better life to their families in the Philippines, they endure having to live apart from their loved ones so they can give them a better future.

The story of an OFW mother who finally received her family’s own RLC Residences unit was the last story featured. Having a home in a safe community has always been her family’s dream and seeing it come true is a priceless feeling– the lifelong commitment of RLC Residences.

Just like her, Noel also expressed how he wanted to have his own condo unit where he and his family can enjoy the perks. “I left the Philippines in 1994. My sister bought a unit before, so I had the experience of staying in one of the towers. It's very accessible to the mall, so it's very nice. Even my children - when they were here - they found it very convenient to go to the mall and try all the amenities.”

“We are delighted to hear from our clients because their feedback always plays a role in improving our offerings. As we promise to Raise, Live, Connect, we will continue to improve our projects and design them for the better so they can live their best life,” said Cesario.

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