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Kina Imus Lomi House

San Luis Batangas
The Facade of Kina Imus

Situated in San Luis, Batangas, this famous lomihan is a must visit in the area.  Located near Lemery Batangas, this place is easily found (13.8568N, 120.9178E).  Even without GPS coordinates, you can simply ask the people in San Luis where it is and they will gladly point you to this lovely lomihan.

We came here on a saturday and it was full of people.  You have to line up just to order and pay and get served around 15-30 minutes waiting time.  The people opposite us finished their food already and ours wasn't delivered yet, so be patient.  The food is worth waiting for.

Don't go for the Regular Lomi, since you came from afar, go with the Overload or the Combo Lomi. The servings are huge so if you are not that hungry, you might not finish one bowl of your lomi.

After ordering and paying, you will be given a number.

This is the inside eating area.  They still have a few tables outside and one under the trees in the clearing.

You create your own sauce for your lomi.

This is the Overload Lomi

This is the Combo Lomi

The Overload Lomi at another angle

My Combo Lomi partnered with Mountain Dew.

My Combo Lomi had a surprise egg underneath.

The aftermath.