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Masasa Beach (Tingloy, Batangas)


Do you want to feel the beach without the expensive cost of it? Try Masasa Beach on Tingloy Island in Mabini Anilao Batangas.  Less than three hours bus ride from Makati or shorter by car. It's a heavenly respite from your daily grind.

Mostly say it's a new and secret find in batangas city. Well, as of this day, we won't recommend going here on a weekend. It seemed that the secret is already out. The locals boasted that a total of 3,000 went the weekend prior our visit. Mostly are day visitors but overnight campers numbered a thousand they said.  I can only imagine 100 tents propped up along the beach.
That being said, we still recommend going to this place, but not on weekends.  We went in a Tuesday and we had the beach to ourselves till 3pm. Other campers set up tents later during the day, the tents numbered 5 by night fall.
Why Masasa?

1) its near Manila.
Just merely under three hours by bus from Makati bus terminals. Fare should be about 160ish one way. We started from Alabang terminal and our fare was P127 to  Batangas Grand Terminal. Don't confuse this with the Batangas City Pier. The two terminals are a bit far apart. They should have been in one place for the convenience of passengers but trust us, we Filipinos has a penchant for the word inconvenience.
Once there ride a jeep to Mabini and tell the driver you're going to Anilao Port. If you're lucky they will head straight there, if not simply tell them to drop you off to the Junction or crossing. Jeepney fare is P30 each. From the junction take a tricycle for P30 total (P10 each) to Anilao Port.
Get registered with the dispatcher and take a boat to Tingloy. Payment of fare is done within the boat so don't pay anyone on the pier or wharf. Once settled inside the boat, get a life vest right away. its not a safety concern, but please do as suggested, right away.
Boat ride is about an hour and you get to see some Anilao resorts along the way. Not much beaches you see here but entertaining nonetheless.  If you're lucky you'll get a very happy boat owner providing comedy relief for those who have boat fright.
Be careful crossing the gangway and take a tricycle to Masasa Beach. 95% of the passengers go to the beach so drivers already know where you are going.  Fare is P60 special trip or P15 per for a total of 5 Passengers. They will take you up to the edge where you start walking towards the beach (interpretation - there is no road to the beach). Walk is about 5-10 minutes tops among a small ride field. A cemented walkway is present so don't expect walking in rice paddies.

2.) Fare is cheap
Fare is P217 one way then pay P30 as environmental fee and you have the beach to yourselves (almost). You can stay for as long as you like for the P30.  One local told me one guy stayed on the beach for 5 days. So set up a tent and relax.
Theres a bit of commercialization on the beach, not on a bad side yet but gave us convenience. They have a store now (one store) on the beach where you can buy basic items. I didn't know this so I bought my basics from Anilao Port.
I camped on the beach and reheated canned goods for my meals. I was supposed to cook rice as well but the laziness in me took over.  The one store I mentioned earlier is selling cooked rice for P10.  If you like plenty of rice, bring your own bowl and they will fill it to the brim.  They also sell viands as well during the weekends, during my stay, they didn't have it.
There are no public showers on the beach so you will have to contend paying P20 at the same store.  They have toilet facilities for P10 per use.  For those with smart tech devices, don't fret when your power banks die out, they will also charge your power bank or phone for P20 and they will do so in the evening when they have their generator running.

3) Accommodation is cheap
I have to emphasize the word cheap again.  If camping is not your thing, home stays are available as well.  Price ranges from P250 to P350 and for a few bit more you can ask them to cook for you.  We will try home stay next time so we can be comfortable.  You can call these home stays should you want to go there. 

4) Its serene
if you go on a weekday, we assure you it's serene.  I had the beach to myself almost... There were only 9 tents set up along the beach.  Grab a beach towel, lay it on the sand and just look at the stars.  Just a word of caution though, its so romantic the place in the evening. 

So thats it. Masasa is a budget friendly beach and its not so secret anymore, so go there on a weekday.