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Sharing Joy Bus Line

The Joy Bus Line is the deluxe version of its sister company Genesis Transport.  Its buses are far more comfortable than its sister.  Costs more, but comfort is the main focus for this deluxe bus company.

Their bus sports its own restroom, this assures its passengers convenience and the assurance that there will be no stop overs.  No stop overs means faster travel, bringing passenger much earlier to their destination.  Aside from this, they offer recline seats with leg support, thereby giving passengers comfort during long trips.  Airconditioned units are well maintained providing for cool temperature even during the summer months.  For chilly passengers, don't worry, they provide blankets for warmth.  Water and Crackers are provided for the hungry traveller.  And don't get me started with the bus' own attendant and free WIFI.  With one-two or two-two configurations, your personal space is assured.

With bus routes from Cubao and/or Pasay to Baguio and Baler, they have almost near regular schedules that works well for its passengers.  For a comfortable ride, consider Joy.  For a little bit of extra, you will get these amenities for which you can't get with the regular airconditioned buses. 

* I didn't place here their numbers as they don't answer their phones.  No luck either with their email nor private messages with Facebook.  I read in their poster at their terminal they have an online booking system.  Will try that next time I travel with them.  If you do try them first, give me your feedback at