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Biking as a lifestyle

The first time I learned and rode a bike was during my teenage years.  I like biking so much that I rode it from morning till evening.  It didn't matter where I go, but as long as I was on that bike with friends, I would simply go. 

Fast forward today, I realized that biking has developed from my BMX days and now its all science altogether.  Now we have road bikes, mountain bikes, folding bikes, touring bikes aside from the BMX.  Since starting the magazine, this writer opted to do some travelling and hiking on my own.  I realized also that doing some travels is so taxing to the body that to complement my activity, I should need to slim down.  I admit I'm not a young man anymore thus I need to slim down with less stress on my joints.  In came biking.

I bought a mountain bike early this year 2017 and started riding again.  It started with me just riding the bike instead taking a tricycle or jeep within our city.  I registered the company using my bike and not did I save on a number of fares, I believe I spent some fat while doing it.  I also challenges me to ride a little bit farther each time I do so.

I remember when I first rode the bike over our bridge and I almost died doing it.  I was so out of wind that I said to myself, no more hills or steep climbs for me.  I didn't know how I was so out of shape.  So to bring my body up to speed, I did long flat rides.  No hills for me.  Only after a week of riding, I began riding 10kms, then 20kms.  Then I challenged myself to go to the Sucat interchange, thats a short hill of 100m or so and I almost stopped midway.  Sucat was a mere 15kms one way and this is my short ride nowadays.  I bit of long flat ride with a hill.  

Since then I have biked from San Pedro where I live to Calamba, Pasig, Mall of Asia and BGC.  I regularly do this nowadays and I have seen its effects on my body.  I started feeling great travelling to Rizal, Batangas, Aurora and walking for me has been a great adventure for me.

Now to challenge myself to go further away.  Who knows I might bike to Batangas City someday or Baguio.  With lots of encouragement from friends (I hooked up with the Cupcake Bikers 143) and with their guidance, I might do just that.

I hope you find the time and decision to take up biking as a lifestyle.  Its a great way of exercising and helping the environment as well.  And oh, you meet great friends also along the way.