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MEAT DEPOT Wholesale and Retail

Meat Depot is not your typical restaurant.  Its not your typical meat store either.  Its both restaurant and meat store combined.  Think of dampa (where you buy fresh seafood and with an extra fee can ask them to cook the same for you) but with pork or beef meat.

Located inside BF Paranaque in Sucat, you will just have to pass through one gate in Aguirre Avenue (if you're coming in from Sucat Road) and you will find this place on your left.  Its a bit far from the gate and with some traffic within the village, just be patient and you will be amply rewarded when you do so.

A friend of mine living within the same subdivision invited me to check out this place and I simply biked to this place.  Armed with my trusted waze, I easily reached the place.  The set up is not your typical restaurant.  The place is lined all around with freezers and with tables in the middle.  My friend went ahead so he can scout the meat we will be having and do some magic with it prior to cooking it.

We ordered three steaks, my friend seasoned it and had it grilled before I arrived.  If you are not a chef or cook, fret not, you can have it prepared by their chefs,  they will just season it with salt and pepper.  The basic ingredients for a good steak.  Honestly for me, I believe that to have a good basic steak, its the chef's skill in cooking it that brings the house down.  Other ingredients such as 5 spices, thyme, rosemary are lovely and they will bring me to heaven if used correctly.

Now when ordering, choose your meat first, then order it at a corner.  Cost will be the amount of your meat (uncooked of course) from the freezer, plus Php100 cooking fee.  Thats it.

In total, we had 3 beef steaks, had it cooked on site.  We had sodas and beer.  Total Bill was around P1,300.  I said to myself, what a freaking deal it is!!!!!  I just had lunch in an american franchise steakhouse and they had it at the same price just for one steak!!!!  And don't get me to compare the size of their steak with the one we had here at Meat Depot.  This here was a bit bigger and thicker.

By the way, please be informed that they don't cook their products whole day.  You can only do so at these respective times, 10am to 2pm and 6pm to 1030pm (although I recommend coming in before 9pm).  You may have rice or fries as your side dishes, for the same price of 

With my excitement I forgot to ask if they can cook other meat products they cater.  As of this writing, I didn't get a reply yet.  You will have answer soon as definitely I will be coming back to this place.

(this writer would like to thank Konrad Ong for the dinner invite.  it was swell dining with the guy, and with beer in hand. priceless)