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Ramen Nagi | Mall of Asia

Ramen Nagi boasts of having lots of branches in Japan and the Philippines so I presume their food will be good.  We tried out the Mall of Asia branch and we chose this, as because it was well, empty.  Most shops were filled with people during lunch in MOA and this was very inviting with empty tables up front.

Customers were filling up the insides as they had AC in there.  The tables were outside so it was hot.  Not surprising people were not flocking to these tables.  Another reason why people were not rushing to this place was its price.  Its not your usual japanese fastfood restaurant, prices are high and trust me, they mainly serve ramen.  So don't expect other japanese foods, just ramen.

Priciest ramen was at Php500 pesos with the big bowl.  I was hoping the bowl was so big that I would puking but the bowl size was a bit little for me.  I was still wanting more ramen.  I ordered a side dish like rice and it was served in a small bowl for Php190.  I was shocked.

Taste wise it was japanesy.  Taste wise price was just right.  Serving wise they need to work on it per my taste.  I would be back to this place, if somebody would treat me for dinner.  I won't suggest eating here alone, as slurping the ramen by your lonesome will just suck.