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Teriyaki Boy | Gateway Araneta Center

After lounging around in Araneta Center in Cubao, we were famished.  Being japanese food lovers, we scoured Gateway.  We were up a few floors then we found Teriyaki Boy.  There were other japanese restaurants in the area but we chose this one.  

We found the menu to be affordable.  Its not pricey just right.  Now up to the service, they are very good at it.  When you order, they know the products by heart.  They know how to recommend food pairing and the time when its done from the kitchen.

If you are expecting japanese tasting morsel, then you will not be flattered.  With the price, taste will not be japanesy.  Its like they conjured it to Filipino taste with still a feel of japanesy taste to it so it won't disappoint.

Try the rice meals, it will be a good experience.  Ramen wise, its passable.  I ate with my family so what poked me in the ribs was the service and smiles by the staff.  I would certainly go back to this place given the chance.