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Buendia Food by the Court

Buendia Food by the Court is a well, a food court located beside a well, basketball court.  Think of it as a court with a court.  Now let me court you with details whats inside this court.

Its easy finding this place.  It is along Buendia (pardon me but this how old timers call Gil Puyat Avenue) and its on the corner of Bautista Street.  Buendia is a major thoroughfare so your commute or car will pass by this huge sign.  If you miss the sign, then you must be out of this world crazy.  Its well lighted too so you'll have to be blind if you don't see it.

The basketball court is open I believe from morning till evening, the food court is open starting 5pm.  Closing time I forgot to ask but they have alcohol so most likely they will be open till 11pm or 12mn.  So better come early, not because you must partake loads of alcohol but to get the best seats in this place.

We were here from 5pm and people started trickling in.  Come 630pm, the place was packed already.  By 730pm it was booming.  Its surprising to see this place bustling with life since the area is a block away from a residential area and this area is a dead zone for business a decade ago.

Four things why we consider this place a great place to hang out.

1)  Numero uno is the parking.  They alloted space for parking.  Imagine, a parking space in makati.  Although not a big parking space, maybe it could accommodate around 20-25 cars maybe but still a parking is a plus for this venue.  So kudos to the management.

2)  A variety of food choices.  During our invite, we were treated to foods from all over the world.  We went to Japan, China, America, Canada, Philippines to name a few and we haven't touched base with the other stores within.  So a win win for us on variety.

3)  Great owners.  Imagine a place wherein all, maybe some, of the owners know each other and helping each other.  After the soiree, we saw them bunched up on a table and talking to each other sampling each others foods. What a great sight I tell you.

4)  Easily accessible.  Although Buendia is a perinneal traffic magnet, the area actually isn't.  Going to this place maybe, but once you pass Dian Street if coming from Ayala, and after Taft LRT coming from Roxas Boulevard, its a breeze really.  So rack up another plus to this place.

Should you go here, lots of tables and chairs to choose from gauge from the pictures herein.

This is how bloggers eat.

This is how we reserve our seats.

big place to eat.

panoramic view of the place from the rooftop.

Better come at night. It's more romantic.

Katooga team hard at work.

This visit wouldn't be possible with the invite from a few stores within the Food by the Court.  We shall name them here to thank them.  

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Keso Kumpare

RJ's Bowl-Gogi (Korean Rice Bowl)