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Shang Kee | Cuapao re defined

Growing up in college, I regularly eat Cuapao, a student regular food because its cheap.  So when I got a chance to visit and savour this Cuapao thing with Shang Kee, it brought back memories of years past.

Now inside Buendia Food by the court, there's a dainty little shop just for Cuapao and they call it, Shang Kee.  (Click here for the link on Buendia Food by the Court).  Shang Kee is owned by a couple Charlie and Christine and the name was derived using Charlie's middle name 'Shang' and adding 'Kee" simply means brand in chinese.  The Cuapao they serve is bigger with what I came to know of during my college days.  They serve the classic Cuapao featuring pork belly,  but their variants are not limited to asian.  They also serve the All American Cuapao which features a lot of bacon.  If you love japanese, then try the Chicken Teriyaki.  All these can be had for Php150 per serving and you can ask to top if further with cheese and stuff for Php25-30.  From the looks of it, some can share the Jumbo Cuapao with a friend, but I'll be selfish as I can eat it whole.

If you have a feel for chinese dimsum of sort and would like to try something else rather than the usual siomai or siopao, try the Shang Kee Jumbo Cuapao.  It's a tasty retreat and will leave you wanting for more.  I had a bite of that pulled pork thingie and now I want to go back to Buendia Food by the Court.