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Bulalo World | SM Muntinlupa

Bulalo World for this review is located in SM Muntinlupa.  They recently opened shop here maybe a month or two with success.  Judging from their menu prices, its a great way to entice diners.  Bulalo for P149 is great.  It comes with Unlimited rice (yes unlimited rice) and without it being shown, they offer unlimited bulalo soup as well.

Imagine all that unlimited for only P149.  Their service was fast starting from the counter itself.  A line was there but I only had to stand a few minutes before my turn came in.  Then after ordering I was on my way to find a table.  Lucky for me it was not during rush hour so I easily got a table (I passed by this place during lunch and it was packed).

My food came almost as I sat so I was surprised bulalo can be served this fast.  Upon looking at the serving, I was in for a treat.  The beef serving was more that what I expected it would be.  Best of all, they have the bulalo or the utak (bone marrow) as we call it.  The white colored gooey thingie you find inside the bone's joint.  Its full of cholesterol but this is what makes bulalo great.

When I saw the serving, immediately I knew then my cup of rice is not enough.  I immediately asked the waiter to serve me a small cup (yes a small cup) of rice.  Spooning a portion of the soup made me happy.  It tasted like the bulalo I know of.  Before I knew it, the soup was already half gone and I had to ask the waiter for a refill.

I underestimated the serving size so I had to ask for another small of rice.  

Overall, the dining experience was good.  I can't give it a rating of great as I feel its not yet up to the standard of having bulalo in Tagaytay or in Batangas, but for fast food restaurant, it was far more better than the others I ate.