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Mahu | Binondo

The flossy pork or mahu is alien to me before my wife showed me where to buy it.  Its in a big shop along Ongpin Street called Eng Bee.  Don't confuse it with the famous hopia brand on the same street.  This shop offers a lot of chinese food stuff, you may call it a grocery as it has a lot, I mean a lot of chinese delicacies in store.

Mahu is an all around thing that you can use along with your food.  Since its pork, it gives more flavour to your eating.  You may use it as a sandwich, in between slabs of bread, or use it for toppings on your ramen.  It goes well with rice too.

Everytime my wife goes back abroad, we always passby and buy some for her.  Now that she's back there, everytime theres someone from her work goes to the philippines, she would ask me to buy this and meet her friend.  A wonderful delectable chinese treat this is really.

If you are not from Binondo, going here is easy.  Take the LRT going to Carriedo Station.  Once alighted, head off to Sta. Cruz Church and find Ongpin Street.  Its a little bit of walk but eventually you'll find it.  Its between the two bridges I pictured herein.  The shop is located on your right if you're coming from the LRT.

It is also here where I found a soup base for a hotpot I'm doing, but its for another blog altogether.

If you notice that the LRT and Sta. Cruz area to be devoid of people, this was taken during the ASEAN conference wherein Metro Manila was put under a holiday so people stayed home instead.