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Dining | Brothers Blends

A sure fire winner at the Buendia Food by the Court is Brothers' Blends.  A company owned by the Factor Brothers, Brian and Kevin, with the former visible on site..  They have a lot of blends that would satisfy the thirst that you may have be it hot or cold.

They espouse healthy living so all blends in their store has this as they main core.  It all starts with the ingredients.  Its a farm to table set up so first they promote local farmers here.  The work with them, assuring that organic healthy agricultural practices are being followed.  Arriving fresh to the store, they use a cold press slow juicing technique, a process wherein nutrients and vitamins are not lost when extracting its juices.  Thus preserving them and locks in the flavor as well.

Food by the court usually opens in the late afternoon so if you are near Buendia corner Bautista Street, wile away the traffic and have a sip at Brothers Blends.  Its a cool way to sit around and be healthy.

Look for Brian Factor also.  He's a really good guy... and follow them on facebook HERE.

This is Brian Factor.

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