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Discover | Bangs Prime Salons signs up with Enchanted Kingdom

It was the day that you may call magical.  Bangs Prime Salon by Tony and Jackey recently had a contract signing with Enchanted Kingdom.  We all know that Bangs is a well known salon featuring Korean Hair Styles in general, and add to it Enchanted Kingdom, this partnership is truly what you say magical.

All Enchanted Kingdom - EKsperience the Magic Card members are now eligible to get discounts from all the Bangs Prime Salons nationwide.  So you enjoy your rides and experience the new Enchanted Kingdom, and be able to look great with Korean Hairstyling from Bangs Prime Salons at a big discount.

The EKsperience the Magic membership right now costs Php3000 as of this writing, but EK officials on site promised to lower it down to Php2500.  We will keep you updated with this.