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Longga-Niche-Ah! | Taste the Greatness Burp the Goodness

Another visit to the Buendia Food by the Court one should also drop in and get a bite from Longga-Niche-Ah!  From the name itself, they main dish is Longganisa!!!! But these are not your usual longganisa as these are the super hero kind, I mean they don't taste your usual stuff bought off from the supermarket.

Owned by Bianca and Joe, these two here started something great, a thing that is near to my heart, any dish something with pork in it.  Being different in taste, I can say you can have it to your hearts content.

You can choose your custom longganisa by choosing either pork or chicken, then choose if its salty, sweet or spicy.  Then you choose which sauces you like from Salisbury, Teriyaki and Garlic.  This will cost you Php150.  Or you can simply get the three Kitchen regulars for the same price.  (and they serve beer as well).

I again ate at this place when I dropped by Buendia Food by the Court (whew that name is sooooo looooonng - I hope they can find a nickname for it.)  The food tasted the same so quality wise, they got their process as standard already, a great way of doing business.

I haven't tasted the other stuff yet, so this means I will be visiting them again at the Buendia.. err you get the drift.

Thanks to Bianca and Joe for accommodating us the first visit we made.

The owners hamming it up with the crowd.

They serve beer as well.

With Chef Janjie, Bianca and Joe.