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Make it Mutual with Sunlife Philippines Asset Management

(photos courtesy of Sun Life Asset Management)

"Make it Mutual" by Sun Life Asset Management had a press presentation earlier for the Millenials.  They are focusing on individuals whose ages range from 26 to 30 years of age. These are the types who are starting to earn a little bit of extra and those who could save at least Php5000 to start.  We learned today that Matteo Guidicelli is 27 years old, a millenial.

The presentation breaks the ice on people who are intimidated in investing in Mutual Funds.  People are used to get time or savings deposits which earn a little compared to a Mutual Fund.  Investing in the latter before requires a lot of cash to start which is out of reach of most people.  With what Sun Life did, was to lower down the cost of starting the investment at Php5,000 and you can top up or increase this by multiples of Php1,000 when you choose it to be.

What a way to start off your future now with the Prosperity Card amounting to Php5,000.  For Millenials, holding on to this amount and make it grow long term, will afford you to your dreams.  Maybe Php5,000 might be a little bit of pipe dream to start but talking to a financial advisor will help you start it right.  They can advise you a plan to reach your financial goals at a rate that is convenient and ease on your current financial situation.

If still confused, Sun Life Asset Management is slated to give free financial literacy lectures in the coming months. If you are convinced already, call them at 849-9888 and chart your financial future with a financial advisor.