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Star Wars - Episode 8 | The Last Jedi

Celebrating the fourth of the month of May is Star Wars Day.  Its a pun really from the quote "may the fourth (force) be with you"  which deals with the force in Jedi speak.  To coincide with this, they released the first ever trailer for their latest episode 8 days prior.

You can check out the trailer here.

There's been a lot of talk about the trailer especially fans go gaga over some easter eggs and how would this film be faithful to the books and comics.

From the trailer in the first scene we see Rey levitating some rocks similar to Luke while in training with Yoda.  Thus we Rey training in Episode 8.   John Williams music is back, so fret not, the music will be again spectacular.  The Jedi or Force tree is shown as well.  It was known that Luke took some of this tree thus its not a surprise it he took it with him on the island as well.  The books show represents the Wills which define the jedi order which Luke may have amassed or simply it was there already in the island.  The Island being one of the old Jedi temples.

With Luke starting off with a white clothing, turning to black when he met his father, now in The Force Awakens he dons a gray hermit costume, some surmised that he has become a Gray Jedi.  A Jedi does not follow the Jedi Council but not enough to be swayed by the Dark Side.  Since Luke went missing or into hiding, it seemed that he strayed outside of the Jedi Code after his nephew went rouge.  So being a gray jedi is not far fetch.

From the trailer we are seeing new ships which we were absent from Episode 7.  So expect a lot new ones especially after the trailer shows the black X Wing of Poe was destroyed.  Finn is also back but this time in stasis.  He is shown being evacuated of some sort.  Some believed that he was in this state when Poe's X wing was destroyed.  Maybe the First Order struck back (similar to Episode 5) and the rebel base got destroyed.  Who won't be angry when your main weapon was destroyed in Episode 7?

The whole trailer had a inkling of Rey's vision from Episode 7.  The question therein is, is her vision from the past or from the future?  The burning of the Jedi temple with Luke and R2D2 watching from afar, it is from the past when Kylo Ren turned or it was in the future as we see R2D2 also on the island with Rey.

We see also Princess Lea's back in front of a star map with the ghost figure of General Akbar and some other general (I forgot the name as of this writing), my question is, will they do a CG of the old princess similar to Rogue One or it will just be her back?  Will she be killed during the attack?  Another thing worth seeing in the movie.

Overall, the trailer film is so popular that we have all the fanatics going nuts with easter eggs and spoilers.  We are excited this year as they slated to show the film December 15 worldwide.  We hope you enjoyed our simple analysis of the trailer.  If you have other comments or additions to this, hit us up via email -