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St. Francis Carinderia

If you are used to eating in SM Megamall, then you will say that a decent meal will cost you Php150 average.  Not counting the one piece chicken joy ala carte in Jollibee at Php75 pesos only.  Here at the back of the mall is a plethora of food stalls that caters to the average worker.  

In here budget meals cost Php56 pesos only (with no softdrink), consisting of two viands (one meat and one vegetable dish) and take this, two cups of rice.  This beats your Chicken Joy by a mile.  

During this lunch I ordered Sisig (which I felt wasn't sisig at all) and monggo.  Theres free soup also to go along with your budget meal.  Top that Jollibee.  

You will not be limited to sisig as you can see from my pictures, they have a lot of dishes served just for a hungry you.  So even if you eat here everyday, you will have a different dish for every day of the week.

Although they don't have dessert, at the end of the stalls you will find Banana Que for Php15 only.  This beats Cornetto's Php20 which until now I haven't found to being sold for that price.  Its always more than Php20 so I don't know why their ad is still showing it.  Anyhow, total meal Php56 plus dessert banana que for Php15.  Total lunch was Php71.  

So if ever you are in the area of SM Megamall, and if you want to find yourself eating in a cramp and cheap place, head on to this spot and order away.  I consider this as your local Makansutra outside of SM Megamall.

This is where I ate which is located at the far end of the stalls.

obviously its yummy.

Its not pay as you order if you dine in.  Savor your food first, then after eating look for Ate.

Beats eating Cornetto. Priced at Php15 only.