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Dining | Classic Savory - SM Muntinlupa

Classic Savory has been a well, a classic.  Its been in operation, since, well, classic.  I was still a child when I got to eat in a Classic Savory Chicken Restaurant so go figure out my age. LOL

I remember my late uncle who resides in the provinces whenever I eat in this restaurant.  When he was alive, and I was still young, whenever he visits us in Manila, he always would invite us to have dinner in this restaurant.  I can only vividly remember the taste of the Hototay and the Fried Chicken.  Thats always he orders and then occasionally orders pancit and chop suey.  

Fast track to today, Classic Savory is still in operation and are located in most SM Malls.  This time we celebrated my Father-in-laws birthday and we celebrated it here in SM Muntinlupa. 

We liked this restaurant as they offer a lot of choices for group or family meals for a good price point.  We were 6 in group and we chose Supreme Set Meal 2 worth Php1295.  This was good for 6 people they say.  Then we upgraded the rice to fried rice for Php25 per cup.

We had the Half Fried Chicken, Long Life Noodles, Hototay Soup, Lechon Macau, Fish Fillet with Tofu in Tausi Sauce, Garlic Spinach with drinks.  The Fried Chicken and Hototay tastes were reminiscent of my younger years while the rest were something new to me.  They all equally tasted great thats why we always go back to this place.

Other strong points to this restaurant is their service.  Although not perfect, most of their branches offer great and fast service.  So if you fancy a fried chicken and would like to experience a bit of higher level of dining experience,  Classic Savory is it.

*Doesn't accept Bank Debit Cards, only Credit Cards are accepted.