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Dining | Gudsilog - Ayala MRT Branch

When you pass by MRT Ayala, you will definitely miss this place.  You are rushing to your destination, thinking of the long line or queue at the ticket counter, hassled by guards checking your things as you enter, you will definitely pass by this place without noticing it.

During this time, this writer had the pleasure of walking on the moon on a lazy weekend.  Then he got hungry.  His usual choices, bread by Julie's or chicken by KFC whenever he's in the area.  This time he walked a little bit more and found Gudsilog.

This store doesn't have chairs as their usual clientele orders togo or take out or take away (as the brits would say it).  They offer quick meals for the hurrying commuter and cheap at that.  This writer ordered the Porkchopsilog (Pork Chop with Fried Rice and Sunny Side Up egg) for Php75 only + sago gulaman for Php16 (I think).  When you order, you have to pay right away.

For the price point, the pork chop is a bit thin, but surprisingly tasty.  I didn't have to prepare a soy sauce for it or any kind of condiment.  The flavour alone tide me over my hunger.  The sinangag was sinangag really.  In other restaurants, when you order a Silog most of the time they just served steamed rice.  For this one, they really really really gave me a good fried rice.

While this writer was eating, a lot of people joined him eating their orders standing.  While others stood at our backs ordering take outs.  I was surprised that even on a weekday, they had lots of orders even commuter traffic was slow.  I can't imagine it would be chaotic during rush hours I guess.

Overall, the meal was quick, flavourful, good price point and the staff are always smiling.  A great dining experience for less than Php100.  Not your usual fancy restaurant, but this one fills only only your stomach but your heart as well.  Great staff Great food, this Gudsilog branch is a thumbs up for us.