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Dining | Lubher - Puerto Galera

Another great find was this restaurant in Puerto Galera itself.  I thought Puerto Galera is the beach itself but I was corrected.  PG has three beaches and PG in itself is the main center of government. During my bout with BPI (this is another story altogether), I was forced to leave Sabang Beach momentarily and went to PG itself to look for an ATM.

While there I found Lubher.  I was in a hurry to get in and out of PG that I forgot to ask the staff how it got its name.  Anyway, the prices are pretty cheap considering its PG.  The prices are not touristy and found the selections decent.  I ordered the asado and it costs Php85 + Coke Php15.  Waiting time was normal, around 5-10 minutes and it came sizzling hot.  Taste is worth its price and you won't hear any complaints from me.  Staff was very courteous although I'm not a foreigner.  Usually I get less service in these areas but they treated me well, surprisingly.

If I do come back to PG, definitely I will eat here again.  Although I hope I won't passby this town proper next time.  I should be spending more time at the beach.