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Dining | Twirl Your Own - SM Lipa

Twirl Your Own (TYO) Ice Cream is located in SM Lipa only.  Yes you read it right, as of this writing, this is their first venture and this is their first branch.  Their concept is combining two readily available cold desserts and walah, you get their ice cream delight.  They combine slushee and soft serve ice cream in one deletable and exciting product and best of all, they have a great price point.

I found this place when I was on my bike tour to Puerto Galera.  I was on my lunch break in SM Lipa when I chanced upon this novelty.  Since this was a new thing for me, I opted to try what's their best seller.  My cup was priced Php45 so I said let's go.  

They said I should try the blue berry and grape flavour slushee with metro vanilla ice cream.  They first poured in the blue berry in my cup, then placed the metro vanilla, then topped it off with the grape slushee.  I was wondering how it would taste and yes, delightfully it tasted great.  If you want a swirl of their flavours, you have to wait a while for the ice cream to melt a little bit before you can mix them altogether.  Great things come to those who wait so I waited.  Again I was treated to another level of delight with the flavours mixed.  There are only two flavours of slushee but for the soft serve ice cream, they have 4 with comical names like the Metro Vanilla i mentioned earlier, then they have Kung Fu Pandan, Choco Martin, and Meloncholic.

If you happen to passby SM Lipa, this is a great stopover place after your meal.  Now should I want to get a taste again, I'm still thinking of doing another bike tour or simply wait for them to expand and reach me here in Metro Manila.