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Surprising Me with Skyworth Android Smart TV

Skyworth Android Smart TV unveiled a new kind of television in the market.  It partnered with Google and introduced a great Smart TV for the price point.  It stunned me actually how the television has improved over the years.  This time it leap frogged into the future.  They have this feature called "Say What You Want".  Instead of keying in your desired functions on the remote control, you speak into it.  The number of steps to get into what you want in your smart tv, reduces to a step in a Skyworth.  Simply command it by voice.  Having partnered with Google, it is like the Google Home that was introduced prior, but in a TV.

That alone is great but they didn't stop there.  They also built in ChromeCast so what you see in your android phone, you can switch up to the TV for a bigger and greater viewing experience.  Gaming experience is likewise enhanced by downloading games directly from Google Play.  It has an accessory, a game controller for easy play, you can use it as single, dual or even in multiplayer mode.

Skyworth prides itself of creating good products with good design features at an affordable price.  As per their launch, TV sizes below 49 inches it would cost at an estimated price of Php35,000 while the 55 inch models up will reflect Php40,000 and up.  Check their products when they do come out and hit me in comments section if these prices indeed hold up.

The TV also comes preloaded with some popular android apps.  Spotify for music lovers, Netflix for the movie buffs.  Or if you are the picky type, you can choose your loved apps via Google Play.

A TV redefined, A TV that surprised me, A TV that I know I'd like to buy soon.