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Dining | Papa John's - Megamall Branch

My kids were in Megamall without me and when they went home, they presented me with pasalubong.  It was actually not for me, but for their grandpa, but I know its just an excuse as I know they want to eat the pizza more than me and their grandpa.

As I arrived home late, I was greeted with a half eaten pizza of two varieties (see picture).  They said Papa John's had a special promo.  Its called a Duo Saver bundle.  Get 2 family pizzas for the price of Php495.  Choices for flavours are limited to this promo.  These are Tuna Pesto, Cheesy Chicken Spinach, Italian Triple Meats, Chili Con Carne and Papa's Favorite.  My kids ordered the Cheesy Chicken and the Papa's Favorite.

The pizza was already cold when I arrived and I had to microwave it to make it tasty again (when you microwave pizza slices, place a glass half full of water to make them pluffy and not dry).  As I was introduced to this pizza brand in the United Arab Emirates, and now its in the Philippines,  I was never dissatisfied with their pizza.  They hold a special place in my heart.  I'm no pizza lover, but when you ask me what pizza I like, Papa John's will be number one in my list always (recently I had a chance to eat at another pizza brand, now they are top 2 -  maybe I'll classify pizzas into two, the thick and the thin crusts in the future).

The promo is ongoing till December 2017 so you still have time to get two pizzas and be blown away by their taste.  You may call 887-7272 (in the Philippines) for delivery or visit their facebook page here.