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Dining | Honey's Kimchi

After my event, I had another hunger pang at Fisher Mall, after having early dinner japanese style, I decided to go korean.  I came upon this, Honey's Kimchi.

Saw their prices are affordable so I chose to dine with this restaurant.  After searching for a worthwhile meal,  I ordered the beef bbq for Php120.

This is the one on the stand.
This is the one that's cooked and delivered to me.
The order took a long time to be prepared so I waited... and waited... then it finally came.  Judging from the looks of things, actual rice and bean sprouts were much better looking than the one on the stand.  On the beef side however was somewhat different.  My meal was darker in color.  Maybe it was just the presentation so I took my first bite.

I'm not used to eating korean but somehow the beef bbq was too salty.  Was it too much soy sauce? or hoisin or oyster sauce that I can't place that took much of the flavor.  I can't distinguish the beef anymore.  When I re arranged my dish to have a better shot, this one I noticed.  Too much sauce.

Is this normal?
I slid the beef off to one side and found lots of sauce drippings, not counting the one under it.  As I said I'm newbie with korean dishes and I don't know if this is normal but the taste, it was too salty for me.  If this is normal, then I won't eat this dish in other korean restaurants.  I hope the next time I dine here I will order a different dish for sure.

on the side note - the bean sprouts tasted okay and the rice, well... I can't expect it to be great for the price point.

For more details visit them here at their facebook page.