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Dining | Irene Vigan Empanada and Okoy

Along Calle Crisologo you can find Irene's Vigan Empanada.  When you walk along the street, definitely you will feel the heat of the day, this place offers a cool comfort.  Its a typical carideria but holds the famous empanada and okoy(?).

We were cooling off here near lunch and we had a slight hunger pang when we decided to try the okoy.  We would have tried the empanada however lunch was near and we wouldn't want to spoil our appetite so we settled with the okoy.  It was crunchy and nice, priced Php20 but upon checking, it only had a few shrimps in them.  Nevertheless it was worth the price, just enough to tide us over till lunch.

They sell also the bagnet in packs of Php200 each.  Although inviting, we did not buy any as we feel it would still be cheaper in the market.  We lost time and luckily for us, there was one near our hotel and yes it was cheaper that theirs.

Okoy at Php20 each.

These are Php200 per pack.

The yummy empanadas.