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Dining | Pan De Manila

For quick fixes, this place really bails me out nicely everytime.  When I'm travelling between gigs or meetings, and I get hunger pangs, it never fails when I see a Pan de Manila branch in the area.  One time  I was invited to an event in Belmont Hotel,  it had an early call time.  I took a quick bite at home, then on the way I found one branch.  Immediately bought one pan de ube as baon.  Why pan de ube? I don't know, it was the first one I saw when I went inside the store.  All the food items here I like and it won't matter which one I buy.  For this time, my focus was on the word "quick".  Grab and go more like it.

When I arrived at the site of my event, the food was served on time, but not in time to fill my hunger.  Pan de Manila to the rescue.  

For Pan de Manila branches, click here.  For their official facebook page click here.