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Entertainment | Beee Ayeeee Beeee Whyyyyy

Due to the number of movies this writer has watched, there's no more movies that offers a surprise.  This was an exception.  I thought this was an action packed movie filled with car chase scenes and twist in a love story in the pan.  I was wrong, add in wonderful music and you get a must watch movie in Baby Driver.

Megged by Edward Wright, he spins off this film with lots of beautiful music in the mix.  All I can say is, this movie has the greatest mix tape I ever heard.  This tops over the dance flicks out there trust me when I say the music here are great.  Don't look for pop, rock as they blend classic (not 1990s classic) of yesteryears into our current setting.

I can't say much of Ansel Elgort's acting as Baby as he plays a person with hum in the ear drum character here.  He was great casted as Baby.  I don't see other actors out there thats best suited to play Baby.  He is paired with Lily James who's great saying B-A-B-Y Baby (I can't get that scene out of my head).  She's a great pair to Ansel, they seem to have a chemistry on screen.  If this was a Filipino film, we will see them again within the same year.  However this is a hollywood film, good luck to finding them together in another movie unless this is a sequel.  The story is so short that making a sequel will be like pulling a hat out of a rabbit, or is it the other way around?

Other castings were stellar, giving this film a great push.  We have Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx and Jon Bernthal.  With actors like these, I'm glad their talents were put to good use here in Baby Driver.  To avoid any spoiler alerts, all we can say is, there are lots of twists here especially at the end.  

If you are like me, when you see that most of the trailers featured the first half of the movie, you will be urged to leave this midway.  Hang on. Simply let it drag on.  There's a story in here.  Maybe I'll fast forward a little bit, but its worth it to sit down and eat the remaining pop corn in your seat.