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Dining | The Stockpile - Sapphire Bloc

We went to The Stockpile on a Sunday morning and they only had us as their guests.  Located in the Sapphire Bloc on Ortigas Center, who would be crazy enough to wake up early on a sunday morning?

This review was done in conjunction with an event here that we were invited to.  Due to the invite, this writer didn't had the time to shoot their menu (so expect us to be back here very soon).  All we were able to check out were the glorious food they served.

The Big Plate of Peanuts!!!!!
As we were early to the event, we were served with a big plate of roasted peanuts.  I think they are a sports bar of sorts as they have long tables for drinking and a big ass LED TV on the ceiling.  Although during our stay here, they weren't showing any on the TV.

Janela Cuaton (obviously on the right) gave us the invite here.  Thank you so much.

When Janela Cuaton, our gracious host, arrived, we were served, chicken (not shown here as it was immediately devoured by guests), nachos with a great dip, and lots of different and weird ingredient pizzas.  Due to the number of pizzas served, I could not remember the flavors.  It was so out of this world why in the world they would put it in a pizza is how I described their pizza.  Yet the pizzas were so good.  So its a must try when you dropby the Stockpile.  The one with the egg on top is surprisingly tasty.

Staff were a bit shaken that sunday morning as they were confused as to who to serve which tables.  We requested for water and the servers took a long time to deliver it to us.  Anyway, its a sunday morning and they we were also courteous so we let that one slide for now.  

Their facebook page says they are open from 11am till 2pm but I think I'll come back around dinner time.  The place looks great in the evening I reckon.  With the lights completely lit, and with darkness around the place, I think it would be a little bit romantic.

For more details on the Stockpile, head on out to their Facebook Page here.