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Dining | Binondo Wok - Uptown Mall BGC

Binondo Wok is another food offering from Classic Savory.  This one is chinese themed thus the name.  Some menu items though I felt came from the other restaurant's dishes so I don't see that much of the difference in presentation.

The Incredi Bowls.
As expected, they do taste the same.  The quality of food is the same.  Prices for food are the same so you get your money's worth when you dine here.  What distinguishes this from the other is the IncrediBowl meals they offer.  This one is good for two-three people and is priced at around Php295.

The Kikiam, Porkchop with Vegetable Rice Incredi Bowl.

For this outing, we ordered the Bowl with the Kikiam, Porkchop and Vegetable Rice, and the Pancit Canton worth Php265.  We suggest you order drinks here at Php40 each as bottled water is priced at Php50 in all the food kiosks.

The Pancit Canton.
The pancit canton was great.  It had lots of chicken liver, shrimps and mushroom.  Noodles were a bit soggy as this variety of pancit canton had lots of sauce in it.  It tasted great although it tried so much to be chinese, I felt it lacked that flavor to be one.  It tasted a bit filipino if you ask me,  I liked the sauce with the noodles so we left nothing on this bowl.  Mission accomplished.

The Kikiam Porkchop up close.
Next up was this incredibowl.  The kikiam tasted great.  Went well with the pork chop (which was surprisingly tender and sweet) and the vegetable rice.  Had a blast eating this dish.  I wish I hadn't ordered the pancit canton anymore.  When we ordered this, we asked the cashier if this would feed two hungry adult people.  One look at us and she felt it would be better if we ordered one more dish, thus the pancit canton.  The serving on this bowl was huge and could easily fill the tummies of two big adult monsters.  The huge serving, and the taste would make this meal a winner on its own.  But with the pancit canton alongside, we were happy.

Prices that are affordable, we know this would be another hit alongside its sister, the classic savory.  For more details on Binondo Wok, you may visit their facebook place here.

Could be easily shared with three people. Cost should be only 200++ per person. Only two of us ate this as were so hungry.