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Dining | Zubochon - Talisay Street Makati

I've heard and read about this place way way way way back.  Especially from my friends who based in Cebu.  So when we were in cebu, I wanted to taste one.  Due to a heavy workload and fast paced itinerary, we haven't chanced upon one restaurant of theirs.  When we were at the Cebu Airport to leave for Davao City, found one exactly right inside the airport.  Only to find out that it had a long line and that our plane is already on its boarding call.  That was my last brush with Zubuchon.

Now skip a few months later, I saw a post from a friend of mine in Facebook.  It was a picture of Zubuchon here in Makati (thanks to Jarvin Villaflor of Its Happening Events).  I felt my heart skipped a beat.  Maybe from the cholesterol rush it did skipped a beat.  I got to get to this place quick.  Quick is a misnomer for this writer.  I don't want to sound racist but I'm like an Indian saying "just a minute".  (Trivia - I wonder if they chose Talisay Street because there's a town named Talisay as well).

That quick visit happened two months (I think) after my friend's post.  So here I was doing a bike tour.   A long bike ride from San Pedro, Laguna to Makati.  My goal?  To partake in the Zubuchon feast I saw on the internet.  

Finally I saw the place.  It wasn't easy to find.  The frontage is not along the busy thoroughfare so better use your waze.  I was on a bike yet I used waze.  So use waze.

What I noticed right away is the large parking space they have.  The guard later told me that during lunch, the parking is always filled, so he suggests to come early during that time.  I also noticed they have a large dining area with lots of servers.  After what the guard told me, I surmised that the dining is filled as well.  I went in around 130pm yet it was half full still the dining area.
The Fast Meal
When finally I chose a table, the menu book was handed to me.  I was surprised at the thickness of it.  See here the pictures of their menu.  When I asked the server whats the best seller and the fastest to be served, she suggested the Zubuchon Fast Meal.  They are served with plain rice plus acharra.  Of course I went for the zubuchon Php220 Fast Meal.  It arrived after 5 or so minutes.

First bite was truly heaven.  Truly a cebu lechon flavour.  The things they put inside the pig is very different from that of a tagalog lechon.  (as a trivia - lechon tagalog stays longer, while cebu lechon spoils faster).  The lechon tagalog needs the sauce or sarsa, meanwhile the cebu lechon does not need anything added to it.  Both have distinct tastes so it depends on your palate.  For this writer, I love both, but for this article, we stick to the cebu lechon.
The Fast Meal - Actual
Zubuchon lechon is tasty and flavouful. It was worth my quick visit today.  Rice was just right, but dry, not the soggy type.  Acharra was there to counteract the fatty oils and was just right as well.  I'm not saying that its oily, but you can't avoid it in any lechon.  They also serve an ample amount of lechon skin that's crunchy.  So if the skin is your fetish, then you will not be disappointed.

Service was great, servers full of smile, best of all, they accepted my debit card (EPS only).  So I ordered a medium size of their lechon for the family as take home.  It took me a while to cycle back to my house so the lechon is cold when I arrived.  I had to pop it in the oven toaster for a re heat and yet it still tasted great.
The time you wish there was unli rice.

So if you want to go to Zubuchon in Makati, they are located on Talisay Street behind the Makati Central Post Office.  Easily located via Waze.  For more details, visit them on their facebook page here.